BHN Spring 2023 Issue

“Stigma: How We Can Make a Difference”

BHN Spring 2023 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Stigma: How We Can Make a Difference

Addressing Stigma Among High School Students Using NAMI’s Ending the Silence

Addressing Stigma: The Importance of Cultural Relevance and Early Intervention

An Antidote to Stigma

Art: A Tool for Breaking Stigma

Black Men and Mental Health: Practical Solutions

Co-Creating an Equitable Crisis Care Continuum to Reduce Stigma

Countering Stigma – Speaking as if Our Words Matter

Countering Stigma Through Education and Outreach

Destigmatizing Mental Illness: Music Therapy in the Clinical Outpatient Realm

Disasters: The Importance of Fighting Mental Health Stigma

How Faith Communities Can Help Reduce Mental Health Stigma

How Modeling Compassion Can Help Reduce Stigma in Mental Health

Insights From Four Stigma-Reducing Roundtables Organized by the New York State Office of Mental Health and Behavioral Health News

Mental Health in BIPOC Communities: How to Reduce Stigma and Barriers

Mental Health Stigmas in the Black Community

Modeling Compassion to Reduce Mental Health Stigma

Organizational Strategies for Anti-Stigma Work Within Our Four Walls

Overcoming Self-Stigma in Bipolar Disorder: A Targeted Intervention for an Urgent Problem

Overcoming Stigma Through Education and Capacity Building in Communities

Overcoming Stigma to Create More Inclusive Communities

Overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness: Changing Minds and Creating Opportunities

PSA Addresses Mental Health Stigma in the Latino Community

Reducing Stigma Through Harm Reduction Interventions

Shame and Hunger: Breaking the Stigma Through Lived Experiences

Simple Tools to Overcome Everyday Mental Illness Discrimination

Stigma: How Vocabulary and Language Can Make a Difference

The Impact of Stigmatizing Language from Family and Clinical Perspectives

The Importance of Equity for All: Accessing Preventative Affordable Behavioral Health Care

The NYSPA Report – Insurance Circular Letter No. 1 (2023): A New Tool in the Fight Against Stigma

The Ways That Stigma Hurts People Who Use Substances and How to Help

When Stigma is the Greatest Barrier: Strategies to Connect Older Adults to Treatment

Health and Wellness

Consumer Perspectives: Food Security is a Social Justice Issue

Developing a Culture of Accountability and Belonging

Early Mental Health Screening and Intervention Could Halt Addiction Epidemic

Finding Peace: A Journey to Positive Mental Mindset

From Crisis to Recovery: The Role of Peer Support Specialists at NYC Well

Simple Self-Care Methods to Reduce Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

To Address Our National Mental Health Crisis, Primary Care Practices Should Embrace Value-Based Care

Working with Newly Arrived Asylum Seekers: A Firsthand Look

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