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About Behavioral Health News

Behavioral Health News (BHN) (formerly Mental Health News), published by the 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Mental Health News Education, began as a quarterly print publication in 1999. In response to readership feedback, BHN became an online-only publication in 2021. BHN is committed to improving the lives of individuals living with mental illness and substance use disorder as well as their families and the professional communities that serve them by providing a trusted source of science-based, education, information, advocacy, and quality resources in the community.

BHN provides hope through education by collaborating with leading provider agencies and educational institutions across the US that are improving lives every day. The publication serves to unite and improve our evolving systems of care, build bridges, and increase visibility to connect consumers to quality community programs and evidence-based services, bring awareness to important policy issues, and advocate to address the harmful effects of the stigma which surrounds mental illness and substance use disorders in the community.

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Meet the Staff

Ira H. Minot, LMSW
Mental Health News Education (MHNE)
Publisher, Behavioral Health News
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David Minot, Executive Director and Publisher of Autism Spectrum News

David Minot
Executive Director
Mental Health News Education (MHNE)
Publisher, Autism Spectrum News
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BHN By the Numbers

  • A targeted readership of over 160,000 annually online
  • A searchable online database of over 1,200 articles available for free
  • An online archive of over 80 quarterly issues going back to 2001
Our MissionOur StoryMHNE Board of Directors

Mental Health News Education, Inc. (MHNE), founded in 1999, is the publisher of two award-winning publications: Behavioral Health News and Autism Spectrum News. Both quarterly publications provide essential science-based information, education, advocacy, and a roadmap to community resources for individuals and families coping with mental illness, autism spectrum disorders, and substance use disorder issues.

MHNE provides hope through education and supports the good works of the many provider agencies across the US that are saving lives every day. MHNE provides a forum for ideas and a unified voice which brings the pressing concerns and vital issues affecting the mental health, autism and substance use disorder community to the attention of legislators and decision makers who impact mental health policy and services. MHNE serves to unite and improve our evolving systems of care and works to address the harmful effects of the stigma which surrounds mental illness, autism and substance use disorders in the community.

The Father and Son Team Behind Autism Spectrum News and Behavioral Health News

Ira and David Minot

Ira and David Minot

Surviving an extreme hardship in a person’s life can often provide them with a unique perspective on the difficulties they have had to endure. It can also ultimately make them stronger and lead them down a path to helping others.

That is the story behind Ira and David Minot, the father and son team who publish Autism Spectrum News and Behavioral Health News.

Ira Minot, who founded Mental Health News in 1999 (now Behavioral Health News), is a survivor of mental illness that began in his mid-30s. His 10-year life and death battle with depression left him homeless, destitute and having to begin his life all over again. His son David grew up in the shadow of his father’s illness and witnessed firsthand how an illness and the stigma attached to it can bring even the strongest person to his knees.

Following his ten-year ordeal, Ira finally received the treatment that broke the chains of his depression. Out of the ashes of his illness, and with the support of many dedicated leaders of the mental health community, he created a small local newsletter dedicated to providing hope through education for people with mental illness and their families. Today, Behavioral Health News is the nation’s leading provider of evidence-based community mental health education.

Inspired by his father’s vision and with his own understanding of the importance of providing community education, David joined his father in 2007 to help launch and is now the publisher of Autism Spectrum News.

Autism Spectrum News

With help from some of the nation’s leading minds in the field of autism and leaders of many of the northeast’s leading autism organizations, Autism Spectrum News premiered in the fall of 2008 and quickly set a new standard for science and evidence-based community education. Autism Spectrum News provides readers with a trusted source of strictly science and evidence-based educational articles and has a firm policy of only accepting advertising from organizations that meet the publication’s strict science based criteria. Autism Spectrum News has become a “must read” and a vital resource for families with children on the spectrum as well as for the treatment professionals and service providers that care for them.

Both Autism Spectrum News and Behavioral Health News are online quarterly publications that reach over 200,000 consumers, families, treatment professionals, service providers, educators, and decision makers across the country. The nonprofit organization, Mental Health News Education, Inc., which is behind the award-winning publications, provides thousands of free copies of each issue to the community. In addition, the publications each have websites where current and back issues are posted for free reading: Autism Spectrum News and Behavioral Health News.

2019 MHNE Event Board Photo

MHNE Board of Directors at the 2019 Leadership Awards Reception

Mental Health News Education (MHNE)

Mental Health News Education (MHNE), publisher of Autism Spectrum News and Behavioral Health News, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides a trusted source of education, information and community resources on mental illness, addiction and substance use disorders, and autism spectrum disorders to consumers, families, and the professional community.


Rachel A. Fernbach, Esq, Deputy Director and Assistant
General Counsel, New York State Psychiatric Association


Yvette Brissett-André, MPA, Executive Director and CEO
Unique People Services


Peter D. Beitchman, DSW, LMSW, Principal
Behavioral Health Consultation


Keri Primack, CFP, Managing Director, SVP, Senior Client Advisor
Quent Capital, LLC

Members of The Board

Anita Appel, LCSW, Senior Health Care Consultant
Sachs Policy Group

Mary Brite, LCSW, CASAC, Chief Compliance Officer

Constance Y. Brown-Bellamy, MPA, President and Co-Founder
Advantage Mosaic Group

Jonathan P. Edwards, PhD, LCSW, ACSW, Program Consultant
NY City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Ann-Marie K. Foster, MPA, FACHE, President and CEO
Phoenix Houses of New York/Long Island

Debbie Pantin, MSW, MS-HCM, President and CEO

Barry B. Perlman, MD, Past President
New York State Psychiatric Association

Jorge R. Petit, MD, President & CEO
Services for the UnderServed

Joshua Rubin, MPP, Principal
Health Management Associates

Jarod Stern, Senior Managing Director

Kimberly Williams, MSSW, President and CEO
Vibrant Emotional Health

Founding Chairman

Alan B. Siskind, PhD, LCSW

Executive Staff

Ira H. Minot, LMSW, Founder and Publisher, Behavioral Health News

David Minot, Executive Director and Publisher, Autism Spectrum News