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Behavioral Health News

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Summer 2021: “Trauma-Informed Care and Policy”

Spring 2021: “Advances in Behavioral Health Technology”

Winter 2021: “Social Determinants of Behavioral Health”

Fall 2020: “The Suicide Crisis in America”

Summer 2020: “The Behavioral Health Community’s Response to COVID-19”

Spring 2020: “Housing: An Essential Element of Recovery”

Winter 2020: “Addressing the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic”

Fall 2019: “Examining Models of Integrated Care”

Summer 2019: “The Behavioral Health Workforce”

Spring 2019: “Caring for Older Adults”

Winter 2019: “Changes in Our Children’s System of Care”

Fall 2018: “System Transformation: Challenges and Opportunities”

Summer 2018: “Spotlight on Research”

Spring 2018: “Harm Reduction: Theory and Practice”

Winter 2018: “Understanding and Treating Co-Occurring Disorders”

Fall(2) 2017: “Addressing the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic”

Fall 2017: “The Vital Role of Housing in the Recovery Process”

Summer 2017: “Meeting the Needs of Our Vulnerable Populations”

Spring 2017: “System Reform: Progress Report”

Winter 2017: “Transforming Systems of Care for Children”

Fall 2016: “Behavioral Health and the LGBTQ Community”

Summer 2016: “The Challenges and Opportunities of System Reform”

Spring 2016: “Preparing the New Behavioral Health Workforce”

Winter 2016: “Wellness in the Workplace”

Fall 2015: “Exploring New Models of Integrated Care”

Summer 2015: “Understanding and Addressing The Opioid Epidemic”

Spring 2015: “Caring for Our Veterans and First Responders”

Winter 2015: “Mental Health and Substance Use Issues in Older Adults”

Fall 2014: “Integrating the Healthcare System: Combining Behavioral & Physical Health”

Summer 2014: “The Vital Role of Housing and Employment in the Recovery Process”

Spring 2014: “Perspectives on the Transition to Managed Care”

Winter 2014: “Substance Use and Mental Illness Prevention and Treatment Services”

Fall 2013: “Perspectives on Behavioral Health”

Mental Health News

Summer 2013: “Understanding and Treating Eating Disorders”

Spring 2013: “Moving Toward Person-Centered and Recovery-Oriented Services and Systems”

Winter 2013: “Understanding and Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”

Fall 2012: “Understanding and Addressing Our Medical Needs”

Summer 2012: “Understanding and Coping With Suicide”

Spring 2012: “Understanding and Treating Depression”

Winter 2012: “Housing For People With Mental Illness And Substance Use Disorders”

Fall 2011: “Health Care Reform and Mental Health Parity And Their Impact on People and Service Providers”

Summer 2011: “Women’s Issues in Mental Health”

Spring 2011: “The Mental Health Needs of Older Adults”

Winter 2011: “The Impact of Race and Racism on Mental Health Clients, Practitioners, Organizations, and Delivery Systems”

Fall 2010: “Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents”

Summer 2010: “Addressing the Needs of Caregivers”

Spring 2010: “A Look into the World of Anxiety Disorders”

Winter 2010: “Schizophrenia: Current Research and Treatment”

Fall 2009: “The Economy’s Impact on People and Community Services”

Summer 2009: “Recovery and the Consumer Movement”

Spring 2009: “Providing Essential Care & Services Following Psychiatric Hospitalization”

Winter 2009: “Understanding and Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder”

Fall 2008: “The Interrelationship Between Physical and Mental Health”

Summer 2008: “Employment for People with Mental Illness”

Spring 2008: “Housing for People with Mental Illness”

Winter 2008: “Understanding and Finding Family Mental Health Services”

Fall 2007: “Understanding and Treating Bipolar Disorder”

Summer 2007: “Child and Adolescent Mental Health”

Spring 2007: “Who Will Serve: The Challenge of The Mental Health Workforce”

Winter 2007: “Managing Life Transitions”

Fall 2006: “The Psychological Dimensions of Physical Illness”

Summer 2006: “Understanding and Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders”

Spring 2006: “Managing Mental Health Crises”

Winter 2006: “The Many Faces of Anxiety Disorders”

Fall 2005: “Understanding and Treating Schizophrenia”

Summer 2005: “Mental Health and Older Adults”

Spring 2005: “Understanding and Treating Co-Occuring Disorders”

Winter 2005: “Women’s Issues in Mental Health”

Fall 2004: “Cultural Issues And Their Impact On Mental Health”

Summer 2004: “Sleep Disorders: Why Millions of Us Are Suffering”

Spring 2004: “Eating Disorders: Body and Mind in Conflict”

Winter 2004: “Understanding and Coping With Suicide”

Fall 2003: “Depression in Children and Adolescents”

Summer 2003: “Employment for People With Mental Illness”

Spring 2003: “Housing For People With Mental Illness”

Winter 2003: “MHN Salutes NAMI: The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill”

Fall 2002: “MHN Salutes The Mental Health Association Movement”

Summer 2002: “Anxiety and Depression: 35 Million Affected in US Annually”

Spring 2002: “Out of the Abyss of Anger”

Winter 2002: “A Nation on the Battlefront of Fear, Grief & Uncertainty”

Fall 2001: “Understanding and Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorders”