BHN Spring 2024 Issue

“Chronic Pain and Its Impact on Behavioral Health”

BHN Spring 2024 Issue: Chronic Pain and Its Impact on Behavioral Health

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Articles in This Issue

Chronic Pain and Its Impact on Behavioral Health

A “Prescription” for Integrated Care for Chronic Pain and Associated Conditions

Aging, Pain, and Behavioral Health Challenges – Untangling the Threads

Beyond the Pain: Insights From Individuals Living With Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain and Its Impacts: An Overview & Possible Management Options

Chronic Pain, Quality of Life, and Suicidal Behavior

Coping With Chronic Pain: Good Advice Is Easy to Give but Hard to Take

Disparities in Pain Management: Examining Cultural Inequities and the Critical Role of Behavioral Health Providers

Does Medical Cannabis Treat Chronic Pain?

Insights from Personal and Professional Frontlines

NYSPA Report – Chronic Pain and Behavioral Health: Underlying Data and Regulatory Responses

Recovery: An Ongoing Process, Not a Destination

Seeing Through Crisis: A Behavioral Health Approach to Chronic Pain

Suffering Across Settings: Multidimensional Care for Chronic Pain

Child / Adolescent Support

Adolescent Gambling: A Growing Concern

Anxiety and Psychosomatic Symptoms in Schools

Understanding and Addressing Childhood Trauma

In the News

75 Years: AHRC New York City to Celebrate Milestone Anniversary on May 13th, 2024

Fifty Years Forward: NYPCC’s Journey of Hope and Healing


New York Health Equity Reform: A Transformative Shift in New York’s Medicaid Landscape

Mental Health Stigma

Breaking Down Barriers: The STAR Program’s “Stop Mental Health Stigma” Campaign

Breaking Mental Health Stigma in the NYC Hispanic/Latino Community

Combating Mental Health Stigma in a Rural Community

Empowering Communities through Inclusion and Mental Health Anti-Stigma Efforts

Mental Health: Everyone Has It. Every Day. Breaking the Stigma with ICAN’s Innovative Campaign

Stories of Stigma in the Healthcare System

WeSpeakNYC: A Toolkit for Overcoming Mental Health Stigma in BIPOC Communities

Your Options for Responding to Mental Illness Stigma (Protectively, Collaboratively, or Assertively)

Serious Mental Illness (SMI)

Recovery: An Ongoing Process, Not a Destination

Social Determinants of Health

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Future of Integrated Care for All


Improving Staff and Patient Satisfaction with Compliance Technology

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