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BHN Summer 2023 Issue

“Serious Mental Illness: History and Challenges Ahead”

BHN Summer 2023 Issue

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Articles in This Issue

Serious Mental Illness: History and Challenges Ahead

Addressing the Intersection between Severe Mental Illness and Homelessness

Basic Research Has Had a Major Impact on Developing New Treatments for Serious Mental Illnesses

Helping Families Cope with Serious Mental Illness: Maternal vs Social Work Instincts

Improving Medication Adherence in People with Serious Mental Illness

Outcome of Schizophrenia in Later Life: Conceptual Changes and Implications for Treatment and Policy

Preventing Suicide: Addressing Trauma-Related Symptoms in Individuals with Serious Mental Illness

Recovery: Realizing Hopes and Dreams

Severe, Long-Term Mental Illness: What Does it Take to Live Well?

St. Francis Friends of the Poor’s Serious Mental Illness Programs in the Community

Substance Use Disorders: Frequency and Treatment for People with Serious Mental Illness

The NYSPA Report: Overdose Prevention Centers Keep our People Alive

Understanding and Detecting the Signs of Serious Mental Illness and Suicidal Ideation

WellLife Network’s Mental Health Residential Services: Creating Exceptional Living Experiences for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness

What Do We Know About the Relationship Between Cannabis and Psychosis?

Why PROS Works: Achieving Independence and Fulfillment


Access for All: Achieving Behavioral Health Equity in Healthcare


Safe Options Support: Charting a Path to Stability for Homeless Individuals through Coordinated Care


Interview with Arthur Y. Webb for His New Book “Honorable Profession: My Years of Public Service”

Peer Support

The Mental Health Association of Westchester’s Intensive and Sustained Engagement Team (INSET)

Personal Stories

Consumer Perspectives: Overcoming Mental Health Challenges

Just Another Day

Race and Racism

Bridging the Leadership Gap

Recovery From Mental Illness

Why PROS Works: Achieving Independence and Fulfillment


Suicide in Adolescents: Warning Signs, Risk Factors, and What Parents Can Do to Support Their Teens

Suicide Risk and Safety Planning

The Evolution of the 988 Lifeline: A Year After the Transition

Veterans and PTSD

Supporting Veterans and Families in Conquering PTSD

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