Suicide Prevention Survey: WellLife Network Needs Your Help

Suicide rates in America were continuing to increase at alarming rates even before COVID-19. However, the economic and sociopolitical landscape as well as the increased turmoil, stress due to uncertainty, and disruption in people’s lives since COVID-19 has caused tragic changes in the lives of many. This has not only resulted in dramatic loss of lives due to COVID-19 but also suicide and profound increases in rates of depression and anxiety as well as exasperation of other medical and mental/emotional conditions.WellLife Network

Suicide Prevention is everyone’s business. This tragic loss of lives impact many thousands of families and inflict permanent physical and emotional damage in the lives of more than million more who attempt suicide and continue to live among us. Addressing the stigma and knowing and learning how to discuss our worries with those whom we may be concerned about not only can be taught but is clearly proven to SAVE LIVES.

The suicide epidemic in our society necessitates prevention approaches both at the micro and macro levels reaching all sectors of the community. Knowing what is being done in this regard by the different groups (youth and adults) and what is missing in education and training goes far in understanding the educational and training needs of the different entities in our communities in suicide prevention With this in mind WellLife Network (WLN) has developed this survey to gather important information and assess the needs of the community in this regard.

WellLife Network is asking for your input, guidance and feedback in obtaining information from the community about suicide prevention, intervention and postvention. Please take a few moments to complete this survey so that we may more accurately develop future education and trainings for you, your agency and the community at large. Thank you.

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