Webinar: This Will Only Hurt a Little – Stoicism in the Face of EHR Implementations

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If you’ve outgrown your current EHR vendor but the thought of migrating to a new platform sends shivers down your spine and your pupils dilate with flashbacks of your last “painless” implementation, you’re exactly who we want to help.

Jawad Sartaj and Terence Russo detail concrete strategies you can use to leave your existing EHR relationship and the pitfalls to avoid when entering into a new one.

Topics Covered:

1) For better or worse – Coming to terms with sunk cost and swimming in choppy waters

2) Weathering rough terrain – Defining success on the road less traveled

3) Buzzword bingo – Avoiding hype around Analytics, AI, and Algorithms and what to focus on instead

About the Speakers

Jawad Sartaj is Founder and CEO of Informd, a trusted advisor and counselor to Health and Human services organizations who are focused on improving the lives of vulnerable populations. For more information, visit www.informd.ai.

Terence A. Russo is Partner/Director with Garfunkel Wild, P.C., a full service law firm providing assistance to a broad range of clients, including hospitals, health care systems and other health care facilities, organizations, practitioners and technology companies. Garfunkel Wild, P.C.’s Information Technology and Data Practice Group is a leader in providing legal services to healthcare providers, professionals, technology companies and businesses in connection with technology matters. For more information, visit www.garfunkelwild.com.

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