HealthCare Choices Partners with PurpleSun to Combat COVID-19 Infections in Brooklyn

HealthCare Choices NY, Inc. (HCC) has partnered with NY based PurpleSun to bring light-based technology solutions for infection prevention to our two Brooklyn locations, in East NY and Bensonhurst. With funds used from our acquisition of a Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grant, we were able to purchase two SPACE-1 modular devices that provide 360-degree exposure for treating entire spaces or rooms for the purpose of rapid disinfection. This technology will allow us to quickly and efficiently treat common areas and treatment rooms for the purposes of disinfection.

PurpleSun ultraviolet devices helping to fight infection

PurpleSun ultraviolet devices helping to fight infection

PurpleSun was founded with a singular goal: to transform healthcare. They make an impact by building technologies that harness the power of ultraviolet light to create a sustainable solution for improving quality and preventing Hospital-Acquired Infections. According to the Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Luis Romo, “As COVID-19 cases continue to rise, we have seen an increasing need for healthcare facilities to equip themselves with the necessary tools to safely reopen and focus back on their primary goals of patient care. With our products, in as little as 90 seconds, you can disinfect, sanitize and kill 99.7% of bacteria and viruses. HCC has proven their commitment to the community by investing in this technology and training its facilities’ staff to utilize as an additional tool in their normal sanitation practice.”

Maria Siebel, CEO, HealthCare Choices NY, Inc. commented, “At HealthCare Choices our primary goal during the COVID crisis has been on the protection of our patients and staff. With this as our priority we found through PurpleSun, an innovative technique to disinfect surfaces and fight infection. Aside from a Brooklyn hospital, we are the only health center to address the challenges that the COVID virus has brought to our world with this germ fighting device. Our team feels that it is important for patients to have an opportunity to pursue in-person medical visits if necessary… and feel safe in doing so.”

Since 2011, HCC has been a leader in offering culturally-sensitive, integrated primary, behavioral health and substance abuse services, along with dental and other specialty care (podiatry, ophthalmology and neurology). We serve the community including low-income and special populations who currently experience language, cultural, transportation and disability barriers in accessing care. In addition to medical appointments, we are now conducting COVID 19, antibody testing, and rapid testing that distinguishes between COVID, Strep Throat or the flu.

About HealthCare Choices NY, Inc.

HealthCare Choices NY, Inc. (HCC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that offers a sliding-fee scale for those who qualify. Our mission is to provide effective and reliable primary, multi-specialty, and preventive health care in a personalized and compassionate manner to help people improve the quality of their lives. For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit us online at

About PurpleSun

 PurpleSun is a venture-backed commercial healthcare technology company based out of New York. Their focus is on providing smart, light-based technology solutions to the healthcare industry for infection prevention. The goal is to prevent healthcare-acquired infections, which will ultimately save lives, reduce costs, and enhance safety for patients and caregivers. To learn more about their products and company, visit them online at

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