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2022 MHNE Leadership Awards Reception

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Proceeds from this event will go towards expanding and developing the nonprofit educational mission of Autism Spectrum News and Behavioral Health News. With these publications, Mental Health News Education, Inc. aims to reduce stigma, promote awareness and disseminate evidence-based information that serves to improve the lives of individuals with mental illness, substance use disorders and autism spectrum disorders, their families, and the provider community that serves them.

For more information contact Ira Minot, Founder, at (570) 629-5960 or

Tyler Hoffman

Tyler Hoffman
Chief Executive Officer
Foothold Technology
Healthcare Innovation Award

As CEO, Tyler oversees Foothold Technology‘s long-term strategic direction, short term execution of that long-term strategy, and continued growth. He works closely with the leaders of Foothold’s Customer Experience, Sales & Marketing, and Product & Engineering teams to ensure that Foothold customers and Foothold employees are successful and happy. He is particularly passionate about translating lofty goals into tangible action, unlocking the full potential of teams, and having fun along the way.

Tyler joined Foothold as Chief of Staff in November of 2018 and wore many hats across multiple functions before becoming CEO at the beginning of 2020. As CEO, Tyler has reorganized Foothold’s organizational structure and leadership team, updated Foothold’s vision and core values, and led the acquisition of a complementary software company serving the New York Health Home program, called Foothold Care Management. He has also signed the 1% Pledge, which commits Foothold to donating 1% of its profits back to the community each year, and has established Foothold as a Certified Public Benefit Corporation (B Corp).

In addition to serving as the CEO of Foothold Technology, Tyler also serves as the Group CEO of Radicle Health, a group of mission critical human services software companies, of which Foothold is a part. Radicle Health’s companies operate independently from one another, but opportunistically collaborate where it makes sense to do so.

Prior to joining Foothold, Tyler worked on the Investing team at Alpine Investors, where he evaluated businesses across hundreds of sectors, with a heavy focus on software and healthcare. Tyler graduated Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton University, where he majored in Operations Research and was a member of the Varsity Lightweight Rowing Team.

Tony Hannigan, LMSW

Alexa M. Santoro
Account Executive
LAMB Insurance Services
Corporate Leadership Award


Steve Miccio

Steve Miccio
Chief Executive Officer
People USA
Behavioral Health Advocacy Award

Steve Miccio is Chief Executive Officer of People USA. Inspired and driven by his personal lived experience, Steve has spent over two decades creating, providing, and promoting innovative crisis response services and systems-level improvements – across the United States and internationally – that raise the bar on customer service, person-centered communication, trauma-informed care, empathy, and positive expectations for people’s recovery & wellness outcomes. Steve’s unique models and approaches significantly reduce hospital utilization, incarceration rates, and overall healthcare spending.

Steve’s professional highlights since joining People USA in 1999 include the following:

  • First in the United States to embed peers in a hospital psych. ER, blazing the way for a best and evidence-based practice standard today.
  • Created the Rose House model of peer-operated crisis respites / home-like alternatives to hospital psych. ERs & inpatient units; first peer-run hospital diversion houses in New York.
  • Helped open 39 peer-operated crisis respites using the Rose House model across the United States and Europe.
  • Developed OMH White Paper, “Infusing Recovery-Based Principles into Mental Health Services” with input from over 40,000 New Yorkers.
  • Created the Dutchess County Stabilization Center; first peer-run crisis stabilization center in the world; first crisis stabilization center in the Northeastern United States.
  • Created the Transitional Care Wellness Team model, a unique hybrid of transitional care management and wellness coaching.
  • Created the Westchester Forensic Mobile Crisis & Response Team; first peer-run criminal justice-focused mobile team in the United States.
  • Engaged in community-wide systems transformation – across sectors – in multiple counties throughout New York’s Hudson Valley region.
  • Developed unique training programs – for hospitals, local government units, and behavioral health organizations across the U.S. – to help them build tomorrow’s behavioral health workforce and culture.
  • Organized and provided Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) trainings to hundreds of law enforcement throughout New York.

Steve is active with the following groups: Chair of the National Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA); Former Board member of CIT International; Subject matter expert for the Re-entry Policy Academy headed by the SAMHSA GAINS Center and Policy Research Associates; Member of the International Crisis Now coalition; Member of the Crisis Residential Association; Member of New York State Suicide Prevention Council; Board member of 2-1-1 policy board of Hudson Valley; Executive member of the Dutchess County Criminal Justice Council (DCCJC); Chair of the Diversion Committee (DCCJC); Member of the Dutchess County Police Reform and Modernization Collaborative; Advisory Board member of the Northeast Caribbean Mental Health Technology Transfer Center.

Gary Mayerson, Esq.

Gary Mayerson, Esq.
Mayerson & Associates
Autism Advocacy Award


Christopher Duffley
Blind Musician and Motivational Speaker
Who Lives with Autism
Beacon of Hope Award

Christopher Duffley was handed a microphone at 4 years old and sang, leaving everyone in the room in tears. Although categorized as “significantly delayed” in speech, social interaction, and cognitive ability, he began to sing and in doing so started a journey that has inspired audiences throughout the world.

By 10, he sang the national anthem at Fenway Park and became a YouTube sensation by 11, when a recording of “Open the Eyes of My Heart” at a state-wide church event was posted on YouTube. Christopher unknowingly began to inspire millions of people from all walks of life. In each song and speech, Chris has spent his life teaching us we are unlimited in ability and faith in each other…we just need a little reminding.

When he was born, Christopher weighed 1 lb 12 oz, due to drug exposure. After five months in the NICU, he was placed in foster care. His biological aunt located him, brought him to NH and later adopted him into her family of 6. A new life lay ahead and his challenges of total blindness and severe delays would influence his future.

How we approach a challenge determines its outcome. Taught that his disabilities were just an inconvenience and focusing on what he could do, victories were won. And despite a diagnosis of autism at the age of 5, his boundless personality and gift of music emerged, creating light in the lives of others.

Now, Christopher continues to tour the nation speaking, singing, and creating podcasts. He has been nationally recognized and featured on major news outlets. It is estimated that over 65 million people have collectively viewed the famous “Open the Eyes” video.

Sometimes we lose sight of our potential and the potential of those around us. Christopher, now 21 years old, removes the limitation blinders of his audiences through story, laughter, and song. He teaches us, through his own life experiences, what it means to be unlimited.

Earlier this year he launched Unlimited Hope Radio, an internet radio station that will streams music and content that encourages people in their faith.

For more information about Christopher, visit, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can hear his music on all major streaming services.

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